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Serving the people of Senate District 5 for the past 3 ½ years has been an honor and privilege, and a responsibility I take seriously.  Together, we have persevered through tornadoes, an economic slump and budget crises.

Bright days lie ahead if we come together and work hard to create a better economy, stronger communities, and a more responsive government.  We have made sweeping changes to streamline state government, push back against Obamacare, reform Medicaid and improve education.  But there is still more to do.

My goal has been and will continue to be providing honest and effective representation for you in the Alabama Senate. I’d be honored to have your vote and support.


  • Senate-Passed Bill Allows Rewards for ‘Heroic’ Winter Storm Teachers

    The Alabama Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would allow teachers and state employees to be rewarded by a third party for exemplary service without a potential conflict with the state’s ethics law. The issue came to the forefront earlier this year when Birmingham-area teachers were offered weekend getaways at a resort in Gulf Shores for spending [... Read More]

  • OpEd: Alabama Senate Continues Passing Common Sense Legislation

    Not every legislative body operates like Washington, DC.  In fact, since Republicans won control of the State Senate and State House in 2010, we have been focused on passing common sense legislation.  Not once have we raised your taxes.  Every budget has been balanced.  Institutions and processes needing reform have gotten it. The Alabama Legislature [... Read More]

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